May 11, 2021

Android and iOS Comparison on UI and Apps Available

Android and iOS comparison
Android and iOS comparison

If we talk about the comparison between Android and iOS, there are many topics that we have to discuss. But, in this occasion, we would like to discuss the comparison between iOS and Android on User Interface and applications. Both operating system has a lot of something in common. But, they are also different. Keep scrolling down this article to find out the comparison between these OS.

  • User Interface.

Both Android and iOS use Touch Screen interface. The users can swap, tap, as well as pich and zoom. These OS boot takes you to a home screen. This booting system is similar to a PC or desktop computer. However, iOS and Android home screen is different. iOS home screen only contains app icons. Besides, Android offers more widgets that display updating information like weather.

The status bar on the top screen of Android and iOS is similar. It offers general information such as battery life, time, and Wifi. It also offers received message and emails.

  • Apps availability.

Android users can download applications from Google Play. Google Play offers more than 600.000 apps for smartphone and tablets. But, certain Android device such as Kindle Fire use different app store. Of course, this app store has the smaller collections of app compared to Google Play.

Certain iOS-only applications also can be found for Android. The users can downloads and install more exclusive app such as BitTorrent and Adobe Flash Player. Android users also can access Google Based apps including Google Docs and Youtube.

iOS or iPhone users can download the apps from Apple Store. This app store offers more than 700.000 applications. For about 250.000 apps are dedicated for iPad. For your information, more app developers try to develop their games for iOS before developing it for Android. iOS also offers several exclusive app such as Infinity Blade and Tweetbot.

  • Software Updates.

Google updates Android system and version frequently. But, android users will not receive the OS update on their smartphone. The smartphone manufacturers offers software and OS upgrade. But, the users have to wait for the updates several months after the newest Android version is released. The newest Android version is Android 11.

It is totally different for iOS. iOS updates are available for all iOS devices. But, the exception is for older devices.

  • Device Selections.

Android offers a wide range of devices. This operating system is available in most smartphone brands. You can have a wide selection of devices based on the prize, capabilities, and size. But, iOS is only available on devices manufactured by Apple. Only iPhone, iPod, and iPad use this operating system. iOS phone is also more expensive than Android.

That’s all the simple comparison between Android and iOS. If you want to find out more Android facts or iOS facts, you can read other articles on this site.

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