May 11, 2021

Interesting Facts about Android 11 You Should Know

Android 11 facts
Android 11 facts

Google has just rolled out the newest version of its Operating System, Android 11. After a couple of months of beta testing, finally, Google launched the full version of Android 11. Most of Android fans are waiting for this launching. It is because Android 11 offers interesting features.

If you are curious about this new operating system, you should find out some interesting facts about this OS. Check this out.

  • Time of release.

Android 11 is rolled out on September 8 2020. The beta version came in June. But now the final version of Android 11 is available.

  • Compatible device.

The software update of Android 11 is available for the user of Google Pixel Device such as Pixel 2 and the newer version. Besides, Android 11 is also available for One Plus 8, realme X50 Pro, Oppo Find X2, Oppo Find X2 Pro, Mi Pro 10, and Xiaomi Mi 10. This new OS is also available on Poco F2 Pro.

  • What’s new features.

Android 11 provides several new and interesting features such as redesigned notification, message bubbles, smart home control, picture-in-picture window, media playback widget, work profile, screen recording, and many more.

  • Gesture Navigation.

Android 11 lets you to activate the gesture navigation. In order to replace the back button, you can swipe in from the edge of the screen. You are allowed to set up the sensitivity of this gesture. This setting is useful especially when you are using an application that needs control and gesture on the screen edge.

  • Screenshot visual like Apple.

This unique feature is like Apple smartphone. When you take any screenshot on your phone, you will be able to see a thumbnail of screenshot result which is appearing at the bottom corner of your screen. This thumbnail has a small Xsign to close it. it also has edit and share option. You do not need to take the full notification on the top of your phone’s screen.

  • Dark Mode Schedule.

The dark mode setting is first developed for Android 10. But, in Android 11, this feature has been improved. The users can schedule or automated this feature.  You can set the time when you want to switch it on or off every day manually.

  • Voice accessibility.

One smart accessibility feature is the capability to manage and control your device by using Google’s Voice Access. When you activate it, you will be able control your phone by speaking. You can order your Android phone to launch any apps, view the photo gallery, cerate a message, and many more.

In order to enjoy the useful features above, you have to upgrade Smartphone OS to Android 11.

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