May 11, 2021

How to Upgrade Your Smartphone OS into Android 11

how to update Android 11
how to update Android 11

The newest version of Android has come. The Android fans cannot wait for using this newest operating system. It is because Android 11 has various new exciting feature to try on. After the launching of final version of Android 11, the users can try to access this Google’s new OS straight away.

But, you have to note that you should have compatible smartphone to use this new operating system. For now, Android 11 is only limited for certain type of smartphone. But, it is possible that other smartphone manufacturers will use Android 11 for their new device.

So, what smartphone is compatible with Android 11? This new OS can be used for Google Pixel 2 XL, Google pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3aXL, Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4 Pixel 4a, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, and Xiaomi Mi 10. If you want to see the full list of compatible smartphone for Android 11, you can go to Android 11 website.

If you use one of the gadgets above, you can download and upgrade its operating system. On this article, we try to explain the simple way to download Android 11 update in order to upgrade your phone. Check this out.

How to Upgrade into Android 11 Beta

  • Back up the data on your smartphone first.
  • Open the Setting on your phone.
  • Select System.
  • Click on Advance and go to System Update.
  • Click on Check for Update.
  • Download the new Operating System Android 11.

Before you download and upgrade your smartphone’s system operation, it is strongly recommended to back up your data. This action is to prevent losing the important data when the upgrading process does not run well. It is because you have to reset your phone when something goes wrong. So, it will be better to feel safe than sorry. You need to restore all of your data including photos, videos, and contacts. Move these data to a PC or other devices.

In order to download Android 11, you can go to Setting menu on your phone. This menu is presented with a Cog icon. After that, you can scroll down the Setting menu until you find Advance. Click on the System Update. You can check for the Update.

If that process run smoothly, you will be able to see the option to upgrade Android 11. If this option is not appear, perhaps your phone is not compatible with Android 11. After downloading this OS, you can install it to your phone. Before using your device, you must restart it first. After installing this OS, you will be able to enjoy all Android 11 features.

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