May 11, 2021

Hidden Gems on Android 11 You Can’t Find in Previous Version

Android 11 features
Android 11 features

Android 11 is the latest version of operating system launched by Google. This OS is worth to wait for since it offers the new features that you cannot find in Android 10 or on the earlier version. At first, Google launch the beta version of Android 11. But, on September 8, the final version of this OS has been rolled out.

The beta version offers small but impactful user experience. But we do not suggest to download this beta version. It is because this trial version is not for the phone that is used to support your daily productivity. Even the software is stable, but the beta version is still unfinished yet and not for public use.

Listed below, we try to list down the hidden gems or the specialties of Android 11. The features below may not be able to find in the previous Android version.

  • Notification History.

Android 11 offers user friendly notification history. This OS offers notification history feature. So, you will be able to look back all the notifications easily that you may dismissed. You are also allowed to interact with the content if it is still available. This notification history can be viewed 24 hours. You need to enable this feature before using it.

  • Priority Conversation.

Android 11 emphasizes the notification related to the conversation. No matter the messaging apps you use, it will be shown at the top of the notification section. When you hold the notification on that section, you will be able to see one-touch option to set Priority conversation.

  • Bubbles conversation.

This feature supports multitasking system. The first bubbles feature appears in Android 10. This feature helps you to keep the important conversation on demand. It will appear on a small icon like bubble which can sits wherever you do. Just tap the bubble icon to continue your conversation.

  • Custom Share Pinning.

This feature is similar to customizing sharing menu for Android Nougat era. Every time you hit the Share command, the list of pop up options will appear. The sharing menu is useful to move any files from one app to others. However, the options may not be at the top list. This way, you can customize it.

  • Screen recording.

Say bye-bye to the third party screen recording app. Android 11 is equipped with built-in screen recorder.

  • Voice control.

The voice control on Android 11 is more powerful and practical. In Android 11, you just need to mention any commend to let Voice Access do it. This is the most convenient way to do anything on your smartphone without touching it.

  • Support any app.

This new version of course supports any apps you need. For instance, you can download Live wallpaper apps to make your smartphone home screen more attractive.

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