May 11, 2021

Recommended Live Wallpapers Apps for Android Smartphone

Live Wallpaper Apps for Android
Live Wallpaper Apps for Android

Using an image as smartphone wallpaper can be boring. In order to make your smartphone more alive, you can try to use Live Wallpaper. It is a kind of animated wallpaper so the image can move like a video. To get an attractive live wallpaper for your smartphone, you can download wallpaper apps. Besides, you also can download wonderful wallpaper from Aol desktop Gold Support.

Just go to Google Play to find Live wallpaper apps for your phone. There are many apps offering ton of live background or wallpaper. Here we list down several live wallpaper application for your Android smartphone.

  • Cartogram.

If you are searching for unique live wallpaper, you can download Cartogram. This app uses your current location as wallpaper. You are allowed to customize the map for your smartphone background. You can decorate it with many colors. OLED mode is also available to make it darker. If you do not want to set it as a live wallpaper, you can set a single location.

  • Forest Live Wallpaper.

For those who like material designs, installing Forest Live Wallpaper is the best option. It offers minimalist forest scene. The users of this Wallpaper apps are allowed to customize the image colors. It also offers parallax effect

  • Girrafe Playground.

Girrafe Playground is actually a wallpaper apps developer. This company offers two apps on Google Play. First, it offers fun clock live wallpaper. This clock shows the actual time. The second app is called Hypno Clock Live Wallpaper. This app lets the users to create their own live wallpaper.

  • KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker.

This app can be said as the best application for live wallpaper. This app allows the users to make their own wallpaper. It also offers customization features such as Google Fit Data, clock, system info, weather, etc. It also offers nifty graphics setting. Even you download the free version of app, it offers various features.

  • Maxelus Live Wallpaper.

Maxelus offers a ton of live wallpaper apps. It provides popular wallpapers such as Supermassive Black Hole, Space Colony, Symphony of Colors, Alien Shapes, etc. The theme of wallpaper on this app is outer space. The customization is possible to do on this app. You also can try many live wallpapers. Just try Mosaic 3D Live wallpaper to make your device more alive.

  • Muzei Live Wallpaper.

Muzei can be a perfect choice for live wallpaper. This app can replace the boring wallpaper on your phone with a piece of art. It is also equipped with Android Wear support.

The wallpaper apps above will be able to run perfectly in the latest version of Android. So, you need to upgrade to smartphones with Android 11.

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